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Midori Patterned Index Sticker Tabs

Midori Patterned Index Sticker Tabs

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Label your agendas or notebooks with these patterned index labels from Midori.

Each pack comes with 24 labels that can be unstuck and moved without damaging either the sticker or your paper. Due to the way these labels fold to adhere to your pages from the front and back they still provide a strong hold and won't come loose on their own.

The coloured portion of these labels is 2.5mm wide, and the sticky portion is clear so that it doesn't block any content it may be placed over.

These labels can be written on with oil-based ballpoint and felt pens, as well as pencils, but water-based inks are likely to smudge.

Country of Origin Japan
Sticker Quantity 24 (12×2 sheets)
Material PET plastic